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Paid Ads

Harness the power of the biggest advertising platforms on the planet with one of Northern Ireland's leading marketing agencies.

Maximise your digital marketing strategy with paid advertising

Most small businesses don't have a dedicated team or the resources to manage their digital marketing campaigns, so they end up wasting hundreds or thousands of pounds on ineffective ad spending. They're left with no way to track results and no idea whether they're getting a return on investment from their digital advertising efforts.

Ripely is an experienced Ads Agency that helps companies grow their sales by managing their Facebook, Instagram and Google ads for them. Our team can set up your campaign and start driving traffic and leads right away, or we can take over your existing campaign and optimise it for better results at a lower cost per lead (CPL). Either way, you get access to our experts who will help you make sure every pound spent gets you closer to your goals.
Cross-channel opportunities

Reach & convert highly qualified audiences

Build Custom Audiences

We've got you covered with bespoke custom lists that will help segmentate your audience for powerful ad performance

Retarget Your Engaged Leads

With Facebook, Instagram and Google's retargeting ads we can turn your engaged custom audiences into leads

Speed up your online ad results

Get fast results with a bespoke Google ads campaign. We target high intent keywords to get instant traffic to your site
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Can you afford to miss out on nearly half of search engine clicks?

There is a lot of space dedicated to paid results on the SERPs. The top three paid spots on any search results page receive 46 percent of all clicks.

When you think of inbound marketing, paid search might not come to mind. Although PPC fits within the methodology of inbound marketing, organic search is still crucial to attracting customers to your brand. It’s not interruptive marketing like it used to be. Instead, with the right approach, it’s another way for a customer to find value from their search.

Frequently asked questions about paid advertising on social media and search engines

How much should I spend?

It all depends on how much you want to spend and your goals for what you're advertising. Usually, companies starting with paid advertising will go with the least expensive option and gradually build up their budget as their ads generate results and reach their goals. Our paid advertising experts can advise you on an ad spend budget they'd recommend for your niche, however; It can be whatever you want it to be.

Do you create the whole ad?

Of course! We create, organise, set up and manage everything for you. If you have certain copy or images/videos you'd like us to include, we can do that too.

How many ads do I need?

With Facebook and Instagram paid advertising, it's good practice to have two or more high quality ads in each campaign/objective to allow the platforms to self optimise and test.

With Google, one campaign/objective will have over 15 different versions to allow the search engine to self-optimise and test.

We'll create as many ads as you need as part of our monthly package. There's no limits!

Do you test my ads against eachother?

Yes, constantly. Online advertising revolves around testing and optimisation. If you're currently with an ads agency not doing this (we've heard some horror stories) get out of there ASAP.

How long am I tied in for?

We don't believe in lengthy contracts. We're open and honest about our performance and what we can offer. All of our plans work on a 30 day basis. If we aren't ticking your boxes after month 1, you're free to leave!

This all sounds great but how much does it cost?

Our pricing structure is really simple!

For Facebook & Instagram ads our prices start from just £395 + VAT per month for our services, you'll then need to add your ad spend on top of that.

For Google ads (PPC) our prices start from just £395 + VAT per month for our services, you'll then need to add your ad spend on top of that.

We're ready. Are you?

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